At Alstra Solutions Ltd. (alstra.org), we recognize the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organizations in establishing their online presence.

In response, we are proud to offer free .ngo.us domain names and subdomains, catering specifically to not-for-profit entities worldwide.

Welcome to our dedicated .ngo.us domain registry, a platform designed to empower nonprofits and projects with the tools they need to thrive online without the burden of excessive costs.

Our Mission

The rising costs of domain registration can pose a significant challenge for nonprofits striving to make a positive impact. Our initiative aims to alleviate this financial burden by providing a specialized service for organizations that operate on a non-commercial basis and are not government-affiliated. Through our dedicated platform, these organizations can secure their online presence, thereby enhancing their ability to reach more people and amplify their mission.

The Application Process

While visiting our website at https://client.ngo.us/, you may notice a mention of a $5 annual fee. This measure was implemented as a safeguard following incidents where the system was misused — for example, an instance of someone registering hundreds of subdomains overnight. This fee applies only to self-registration to help maintain the integrity of our service.

How Nonprofits Can Benefit for Free

If you represent a nonprofit, a charity, or a not-for-profit project and are seeking a free subdomain, we have a straightforward process for you:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account at https://client.ngo.us/ but do not proceed to purchase.
  2. Email Us: Send an email to admin [at] nic.ngo.us with basic information about your organization or project.
  3. Receive Credits: Our team will manually credit your account, allowing your organization to register and renew subdomains at no cost.

This service is designed to help you launch your nonprofit online with a dedicated domain, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters — your mission.

Supporting Our Initiative

For those who are not part of a nonprofit but wish to support our efforts, you can contribute by paying the nominal domain fee. This support helps us sustain and expand our services, ensuring that more nonprofit organizations can benefit from them.

A Call to Responsibility

We urge all users to utilize this service responsibly and to avoid any form of abuse. Your cooperation is crucial in allowing us to continue providing this valuable service to the nonprofit community.


Thank you for your interest in Alstra Solutions’s .ngo.us domain services. Together, we can make a significant impact by supporting nonprofits in their mission to create a better world. For further information, please visit our website or contact our support team.